Mrs Brown’s Boys Live

Mammy’s back as Brendan O’Carroll’s multi-award-winning comedy phenomenon returns to BBC One with a special live episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys where anything could happen!

There’s a random ticket draw if you can attend the live show in Glasgow on Saturday 23rd July, or you can enter for to see one of the rehearsal sessions. More details at


Trapped – The Complete Series One

Arrow Films are releasing the complete first series (ie “season”) of the Icelandic television drama Trapped on either a four disc DVD set or a three disc blu ray set as a part of their Nordic Noir collection.

As a ferry carrying 300 passengers from Denmark pulls into an Icelandic town’s small port, heavy snow begins to fall. The ferry can’t leave until the storm passes and the main road into town is impassable. A mutilated and dismembered body washes on the shore, an unidentifiable man murdered only hours ago. The local police chief, Andri Olafssun, whose personal life is in shatters, realises a killer has descended into his town. As word spreads, order disintegrates into chaos as the ferry’s passengers and the town’s residents realise they are all possible suspects and that a killer is trapped among them.

Inspiring Attenborough : Sir David at 90

The BBC has told us that they’ll be recording a show at The London Studios in Waterloo to celebrate Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday.

Celebrating his 90th birthday in May 2016, the world’s foremost naturalist, Sir David Attenborough will be talking to Kirsty Young about his life and career – about the inspiring people he’s met, the extraordinary journeys he’s made, and the incredible animal encounters he’ll never forget.

The show will look at key areas of David’s life and work, with a focus on filming the natural world, covering animal behaviour, conservation projects, and advances in technology. Talking to studio guests, and through pre-recorded interviews with experts, David and Kirsty will discuss the latest updates on these areas.

Featuring stunning Natural History archive, the show will celebrate Sir David’s contribution to our understanding of the natural world.

Grace & Favour – The Complete Series

Eureka Entertainment are releasing Grace & Favour (Are You Being Served? Again!) as a four disc DVD set, scheduled for release in late May.


What’s it all about?

The sequel series to one of the most beloved British sitcoms of all time, Grace & Favour (released internationally as Are You Being Served? Again! ) reunites the dysfunctional Grace Brothers sales team for more misadventures and innuendo-laden squabbling.

After ”Young Mr. Grace” dies in an unfortunate scuba-diving incident, the staff at Grace Brothers find that their pension fund has been unwisely invested in a country manor house, currently operating as a hotel. With no other options, Mr. Humphries, Mrs. Slocombe, Captain Peacock, Miss Brahms and Mr. Rumbold all reluctantly team up and attempt to turn the hotel into a profitable business venture.

Reuniting the original cast members from Are You Being Served?  and written & produced by British comedy-writer legends David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, Grace & Favour is one of the finest sitcoms ever produced for British television. Presented here in a new four-disc set, this long overdue home entertainment première is full of more laughs and double-entendres than you can shake a stick at. So, sit back and indulge in all twelve episodes of endless innuendo, hilarity and mischief with the staff from Grace Brothers.

Special Features:

  • English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Four-disc set featuring all twelve episodes

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em Special

frank_spencerNews reached us from the BBC that the one and only Michael Crawford is back and reprising his role as the iconic Frank Spencer in a special one-off Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em sketch for Sport Relief 2016. One of the scenes is scheduled to be filmed with cycling legend Sir Bradley Wiggins at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, inside the Lee Valley velodrome.