Human Centipede Trilogy Steelbook

The Human Centipede Trilogy – Steelbook

Eureka Entertainment have announced that The Human Centipede Trilogy of films will be released in a Steelbook boxset, available exclusively from Zavvi. There’s a special bonus disc which includes The Human Centipede 2 in full colour.

When The Human Centipede was first released, it was a concept that spread far beyond the horror realm. The sequel became even more newsworthy in the UK with the BBFC, the censor, initially refusing to certificate the film. The Daily Telegraph provides more detail, and explains why there is a lot more to the trilogy than “schlocky thrills”.


Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Creep comes to DVD and Blu Ray, courtesy of Eureka Entertainment

Eureka Entertainment are releasing Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s macabre and unsettling thriller Creepy. It’s available on a dual format DVD and Blu-Ray disc presentation.

What do the critics think?

The Guardian , giving it 4 stars, says that Kurosawa makes a return to the goosepimpled values of classic J-horror. The Observer, the Sunday edition of The Guardian, says that some horror films creep, and Creepy moves with the softest of steps, the slow burn paying dividends.

Bride Of Re-Animator

Arrow Films have released a 3 disc limited edition set of Brian Yuzna’s Bride Of Re-Animator as a dual-format edition containing the DVD and blu-ray discs. The big point of interest is that it is a brand new 2K restoration.

On Arrow Video’s Facebook website, it was confirmed that 5000 copies were produced both in the UK and the US. The big attraction of this limited edition set is the third disc which contains the R-rated version.

Bride Of Re-Animator